Flasking Service


Orchid Alchemy has a broad experience of germinating and growing orchids. We have a laboratory specifically designed for the sterile culture of orchids, extensive growing areas for flasks and greenhouses suitable for establishing both tropical and hardy orchids.

On receipt of your seed we will perform a visual assessment to determine the likelihood of germination. If seed appears to be viable it will be sterilised and transferred into flasks containing a sterile media and placed under appropriate conditions to initiate germination. Once protocorms have formed they will be transferred into flasks containing growth media and these will be grown under appropriate lighting until plants reach a suitable size for de-flasking. At this stage flasks are either forwarded to you or we will de-flask these young plants for you and establish them in the greenhouse. On average the whole process takes between 12 and 18 months for many tropical epiphytes and two years or more for hardy species.

It is the policy of Orchid Alchemy that all plants produced from your capsules remain your property. Therefore, once your order is complete and delivered to you all remaining plant material in our care will be destroyed. 


  Price Description
Seed sowing £5.00 per capsule We will sterilise your seed and sow a number of mother flasks.

1-3 flasks

4-9 flasks

10+ flasks

£22.00 each

£17.00 each

£13.50 each

We transfer your protocorms from the mother flask into new flasks. We then grow these to a size ready for de-flasking. Each flask will contain between 10 and 15 young plants. 

12-49 plants

50-100 plants

100+ plants

£4.50 each

£3.50 each

£3.00 each

We will de-flask your plants and establish them in our green house.