About Orchids

One in every ten species of plant in the world is an orchid. They have diverse, beautiful and intriguing flowers ranging in size from a few mm up to 20 or even 30 cm,. The flowers come in every colour such as whites, pinks, reds, oranges and even blue and nearly black. Many of the wild species have an amazing range of fragrances, from lemons to chocolates to hyacinths, which have not been selected for in the commercially available hybrids.

The majority of orchid species grow epiphytically clinging to tree branches whereas others grow in a more traditional manner in the ground. In the wild, they avoid competition from other plants by growing in these low nutrient environments. They come from every continent except Antarctica, from the tropical jungles to the frozen tundra of the north.

Generally orchids are tough and adaptable plants that require an open well-drained compost. Most epiphytes thrive in the home when situated in bright indirect light but should be kept away from draughts and direct sources of heat.

The diversity of the orchid family means that there will be a flower and even a scent to suite everyones taste that can be grown in your home.